JAMALAMA MUSIC is a music and events label from the leafy Yarra Valley, Australia. We’re small team with big love for the amazing musicians, creatives and community of the Yarra Valley. We run events and festivals, release music, help with marketing and promotion, and are passionate about education. Most of all, we love the fresh air of our home and the great outdoors! Our dream is to see the Yarra Valley become the go-to tourist destination for music-lovers and creators.

JAMALAMA is run by Ash King & Ash King – yeah, that’s no typo, we have the same name! Just to make it a little less confusing, here’s a little more about each of us.

Ash King

Ash is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actor, educator and creative professional. As a blues & roots artist and frontperson of blues-rock trio Smoke Stack Rhino, his songs have been played on Triple J and Triple M, and he has toured extensively, playing over 20 festivals around Australia and supporting the likes of Pierce Brothers, KINGSWOOD and more. He has produced music, acted in productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Oliver Twist, and even leant his voice to MC’ing fashion parades. After completing a Bachelor of Arts and Master of International Relations, he has mostly worked in tertiary education, lecturing in business, marketing, management, music industry, international studies, and history.

Ashlee Jade

Ashlee Jade (King) is an event coordinator, pilates instructor, designer, photographer and, if you give her just enough espresso martinis, singer. She has managed events small and large around Australia including the Mind Body Spirit Festival, International Women’s Day, Awards Australia. She has booked, coordinated and tour managed artists around Australia. In 2020 she became a pilates instructor and started her own business, Pilates and You, concentrating on health, wellbeing and making movement fun. Because she has so much free time, she also has a small hustle called Rainhound (originally the name for our music label) which looks after design, photography, marketing and social media.

Our Philosophy

☀️ You don’t create art, art creates you

☀️ Create and share your own story, don’t conform

☀️ Music Community, not music industry